About Us

Masterbros Collectibles is a brand founded in 2022 in Miami, Florida by two Euopean brothers who really love Pokemon. Today, Masterbros Collectibles Corp, is managed by one of us.

We have been into Pokemon for several years now. Masterbros Collectibles started its activity selling singles in August 2022 just for fun. By the end of the 2022 and start of 2023, it became our primary comercial activity.                     

We used the singles sale on Marketplaces as financiation for our own project: The Master Myster Box 1st Edition.

We started this project because we wanted to provide a fresh, fair and enjoyable product to the Pokemon community.

With all the money we made by selling Pokemon singles, we started the design and manufacture of our own Mystery Boxes.

We sold our first Master Mystery Box on April 2023, and a few months later, we have sold more than 250 units of our 1st edition box. And counting!

Thanks to that, we started the production of new product: the Master Mystery Box Trainer Edition and the Master Mystery Pack.

We want to thank to all our customers for this amazing year, helping us made our dreams come true. Without your support, this is not possible.


Thank you for reading this, and sorry if something is wrong in the text, English is our 3rd lenguage and we still learning it :)