The Master Mystery Bingo is finally here! Collect all six exclusive stickers and win up to $500 in prizes:


You'll receive ONE bingo card with every order you place. You can ask for multiple bingo cards in one order. Each extra bingo card will cost you $1.

Once you complete your bingo card, you must reach out to us with a picture of the completed bingo. You must show the serial number written on it. O

The first edition of the Master Mystery Bingo will end on June 1st 2024. You have until May 31st 11:59 PM EST to send your completed bingo cards. The 10 winning cards will receive an email on June 2nd after the raffle is done. If we don't have an answer to that email after 72 hours we will reach out to a backup winner. 

If you're one of the selected winners, you will have to send us the completed bingo card for us to verify the authenticity of the card. 

For further information, or any questions, please reach out to us: