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Masterbros Collectibles



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Our yearly subscriptions, save big and enjoy all the perks Masterbros Collectibles offers.

This is a one-time purchase and DO NOT automatically renew. Some information might be incomplete or not conclusive. Please reach out to us and our team will happily answer any questions you may have.



1. Master Mystery Products: Open our products whenever and wherever you want to! Select your line-up, select the dates you'd like to receive your Master Mystery Boxes and enjoy. We got you covered. Your order will ship out 7 to 10 days prior the date/s you select.

🔴 Basic Tier: N/A

🔵 Great Tier: 2 Master Mystery Boxes (Preselected line-up: MMB 1st edition + MMB Graded Card Guaranteed

⚫ Ultra Tier: 4 Master Mystery Boxes (Preselected line-up: x2 MMB 1st Edition + MMB Vintage Holo Edition + MMB Graded Card Guaranteed)

🟡 Luxury Tier: 7 Master Mystery Boxes (Preselected line-up: x3 MMB 1st Edition + x2 MMB Vintage Holo Edition + x2 MMB Graded Card Guaranteed)

🟣 Master Tier: 12 Master Mystery Boxes (Preselected line-up: x4 MMB 1st edition + x4 MMB Vintage Holo Edition + x4 MMB Graded Card Guaranteed

* Line-ups can be modified to adapt to the customer's wishes. Changes need approval from our team and price charts cannot be heavily modified. 

* Once you have your subscription and it's active, we will reach out to collect all the information needed. (Shipping address, shipping dates, final line-up and wildcards)

* Wildcards are possible changes to your line-up if a new product drops. You'll have to select when those will be available to use. Great and Ultra tiers will have ONE wildcard each while Luxury and Master will have TWO each.



2. Exclusive access to 1:1-made Mystery Boxes: Each month, exclusive 1:1 mystery boxes will be available for subscribers to purchase (no one else will have access to these). These will be crafted on demand, no floor, and you'll receive AT LEAST the same amount you paid for. Very limited units, each month different themes, prices, and items. 




3. Merch and clothing: Some tiers will have access to merchandising and clothing from MBC Clothing, our clothing brand.

🔴 Basic Tier: N/A

🔵 Great Tier: N/A

⚫ Ultra Tier: x1 piece of merchandising

🟡 Luxury Tier: x1 piece of merchandising + x1 MBC Clothing piece

🟣 Master Tier: x2 pieces of merchandising + x2 MBC Clothing pieces 

Same as the Mystery Boxes, you choose when, where, and what you get:

* For merchandise, you'll get to choose between MBC Clothing merch (caps, mugs, and others coming soon) or Pokémon Company official products (sleeves, playmats, figures, plushies, keychains...) you choose what you want. And if you want some mystery, you'll be able to select a variety of items or categories and we will choose for you. 


* For the clothing, we will need some information. We will need to know the item you choose, the size, color, and any other information we may need. If you need to edit your size during the year, please note that we need at least 45 days to edit and print the item. 



4. Early Access: Enjoy the chance to see and try our newest products and services before everyone else.

🔴 Basic Tier: 2 days of EA

🔵 Great Tier: 5 days of EA

⚫ Ultra Tier: 7 days of EA

🟡 Luxury Tier: 12 days of EA

🟣 Master Tier: 15 days of EA



5. Birthday and Christmas gifts: It's time to celebrate, we want to be there for you during those meaningful dates. You'll receive a fully customized gift on each date.

🔴 Basic Tier: Birthday gift

🔵 Great Tier: Birthday gift

⚫ Ultra Tier: Birthday gift AND Christmas gift

🟡 Luxury Tier: Birthday gift AND Christmas gift

🟣 Master Tier: Birthday gift AND Christmas gift

 * Each gift will be sent AT LEAST 7 days before the selected date



6. Private Instagram and Discord server: Stay in touch with our team, and be the first to see our new products and projects. Be part of the decisions of our company and help us improve. 

  • Sneak peeks of new products and projects
  • Online games (Pokecatcher, Gacha, Casino...) all FREE TO PLAY with rewards
  • Online events with rewards
  • Exclusive giveaways
  • Private chats (general chat, feedback, Q&A...)
  • Surveys on products and services




7. Monthly exclusive promos: Enjoy our monthly exclusive discounts, you could end up saving hundreds each year!

🔴 Basic Tier: BASIC TIER discounts

🔵 Great Tier: BASIC + GREAT TIER discounts

⚫ Ultra Tier: All of the above + ULTRA TIER discounts

🟡 Luxury Tier: All of the above + LUXURY TIER discounts

🟣 Master Tier: All of the above + MASTER TIER discounts

* Each tier will receive different promo codes each month, ranging from 5% to 30% per code. Codes have to be used individually and cannot be stacked. (Unless we say otherwise)



8. Fully customized online support: We will take care of your needs. Stay in touch with us 24/7.



Disclaimers: Note that if you select dates too close to the start of your subscription period or if these dates are in between festivities, you may experience a delay or a date change. 

Products printed on demand such as clothing, can take up to 90 days to be delivered. Please do not select early dates on your calendar for these items or changes will be made.

Shipping is included in the final price for each tier. If you choose to receive multiple items at once, a future discount on your renewal could be applied.

We are very new to this. We are still working on most of these features. Plus a ton more that are not shown here. Our goal is to keep improving our services through time and experience. With your help everything is possible.


If you have any questions please reach out to us:

Instagram: Masterbroscollectibles

Twitter: @MasterbrosCtbls

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